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At Apex, we believe that everyone should have access to motor vehicle insurance solutions that assist them in easing the financial impact of car ownership. We understand that owning a car is life-changing as it offers you the freedom and independence to uphold everyday responsibilities. However, mechanical failures and breakdowns do occur. When these unexpected things happen, your life can be immediately interrupted, affecting everything from everyday commutes to spontaneous getaways.

That’s why we offer quality solutions that help you prolong the life of your vehicle and minimise the pain of the unexpected. Why? Because your car matters.

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Apex is a division of the Financial Services Provider, Talksure (FSP 42788), whose dedication to excellence and best practices has seen them win multiple awards on a global stage. After careful industry analysis and research, Talksure realised that South Africans were in need of unique motor vehicle solutions that will help protect their investment while easing the financial burden of having to pay out a large lump sum of cash in the face of hefty repair costs.  As a result, Apex was born.


Our Products

Motor Warranty

Get extended Motor Warranty protection which assists with unexpected mechanical breakdowns or electrical failure.



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Body Care

An affordable, convenient solution for repairing small scrapes, scratches and dents on your car. It’s your pride, so keep it in mint condition.



Per Month