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Owning a car is

Apex Motor Warranty and Body Care solutions ease the financial impact of car ownership .

We all love our cars. They take us on a number of journeys – from beautiful getaways, sporting spectacles and special moments, to everyday responsibilities like grocery shopping, medical emergencies, school runs and, of course, work. Whatever the journey is, our cars matter.

Owning a car is life-changing. Take it away, and all the journeys that we are used to living are immediately interrupted. Breakdowns, mechanical failure, dings and scratches are all bound to happen – it’s all a matter of when and how much.

Apex brings you a range of motor vehicle solutions to ensure that the financial impact of owning a car is eased.

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that drive you

Motor Warranty

Get extended Motor Warranty protection which assists with unexpected mechanical breakdowns or electrical failure.



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Body Care

An affordable, convenient solution for repairing small scrapes, scratches and dents on your car. It’s your pride, so keep it in mint condition.



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