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Extended Motor Warranty Cover


Apex Extended Motor Warranty eases the burden of having to pay out a large lump sum of cash in the face of hefty repair costs. What we offer vehicle owners is the ability to prolong the life of their treasured vehicle by providing peace of mind motoring in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown or electrical failure.

Why Choose Apex
Motor Warranty

Authorised repairs

Authorised repairs

Tool icon showing no vehicle excess

No excess

Car icon showing no vehicle age limit

No vehicle age limit

Icon of tow truck showing roadside assistance

Roadside assistance

Siren icon showing expert crisis assistance

Expert crisis assistance and emergency co-ordination

Percentage icon showing fixed monthly premiums

Fixed monthly premiums


“Have to give credit where its due having contacted Apex. Hats off for the excellent service from my consultant and the whole team.”

Prishern P

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